Wednesday, November 29, 2017



No.. She's not an illusion. None at all. 

But, the idea that you can own her, sure is. 

She is like a firefly. She'll light up into a flame and attract you. And you'd catch her, perhaps. But don't think she'll glow at your whim. She owns her spark and you can never grab it. 

Not between your lips, or fingers or palms.

You may wonder, why doesn't she talk; and sometimes she's full of stories. It is annoying, intriguing, senseless. All at the same time... 

She wants more and more of everything on certain days and on some days she is as benevolent as the grace of God - so giving!

She can let go easily and not ponder over things that tear you apart. 

She'll instead whine over trivial matters. 

She'll hold you when you are weakest and not hold you at all when you are worse. Not because she cares less. 

It's because she needs to hold her self together. 

A broken hook cannot hold a mantle. 

She breaks and remains broken. 

Until she's ready to be whole again. Sometimes, she tries to make things alright. 

She tries to proves that she's done it before, but most of the times she's just gotten accustomed. 

Most of the times, she remains who she is. And you should let her be. 

She may be a mystery, but she's real. Don't make her a figment of your imagination. She's not an illusion. She's a real person. 

But let go of your ideas about her. Those are illusions- Dangerous ones!!!