Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Ripple Effect

Pic Courtesy : google images

There are very few things now that surprise me. Kindness, Sanity are few of the acts that make me turn to my blog and actually write a post.

This time, it is about the “lack of it”.

Do you remember the first time you sat in an airplane? Most of you reading this, would have, am sure! What did you do? Did you try to scrap off the leather seat-cover, or tear off the front pockets of your seat? Or did you use your keys or hairpin to write “abc loves xyz” message on the seat handles.

Did you go to the washroom, to write profane messages? Did you draw diagrams of your body parts, or parts you lust?

I know you did not! So, Awesome!

But would you be disgusted by someone who did all of this? You would sigh in your very educated tone “Petty Indians”! Wouldn’t you?

Well, yes! We all would. We as a group should be ashamed of fellow Indians who wreck public properties and if you have guessed it already, this rant is about Tejas express, that the Government enabled for the citizens and we bungled it!

Don’t you say, it wasn’t you! Of course it was one of you. All of you! All of US. You, me, everyone! Educated or not. Literate or not. Wise or not!

Let me tell you the difference between the words I just used.

1.       If you can read and write – you are a literate. That’s about it.
2.       If you have been to a school and “learnt” subjects, how things work, history, math, geography, science, art, languages – you are educated.
3.       If you have used your education towards the betterment of your own existence and that of the society – you are wise.

Please feel free to classify yourself as either of the above.

I doubt how many of us can dare call ourselves “wise”.

You know, let me just talk about how I can make sure, I do not go about damaging a Tejas, henceforth. I need to correct my actions first, to be able to bring about any change I hope to see.
I am educated. I know how taxes work. I know about hygiene and environmental sciences. I know about civic rules and co-existing in a society. I also have had moral science in my school, so I know the basic values, morals and etiquette. So I call myself educated.

How can I go from being educated to wise?

I interact with following people on a day-to-day basis.
1.       My house maid
2.       Sweeper
3.       Watchman, Guard
4.       Cook
5.       Taxi/Cab drivers.

I interact with some on a daily basis, and with some just one time, and I never see them again. With people I interact daily, I can make sure they understand the basics of everything. I can teach them about using Math and applying them in their daily transactions. This will make them wise.

With regular talks, I can tell them about current affairs, what is the right decorum of existing in a society, what it means to use public facilities? The chances are most of them already know it, but sometimes, they turn a blind eye towards significant things.

I can also guide/teach them about safety, savings, health and cleanliness.
I can let them know, by being an example, that monetary status does not define how good a citizen is. It’s all about attitude.

The same applies to cab drivers. I can always engage in friendly conversations, and talk to them about what they feel and think about so many issues surrounding us. If possible, I try and leave a thought behind that he can ponder upon and bring it into action. I shouldn’t be preachy. It is very important to let the other person know, that whatever service he is giving me is valued immensely, and same will be his attitude towards the other person from whom he is taking a certain service.

Kindness, love can go a long way.

Imagine, if your family or someone very close to you, is convicted of a crime and is undergoing an ordeal, can you eat/sleep/live peacefully? Will it not affect you until he/she is alright?

Now consider the entire humankind is your family!

How can you eat/live/sleep in peace when you know something somewhere is wrong with someone.
Do your bit.

This is not about what an intense wreck, some stupid people made on the new brand train the government introduced.

This is about getting rid of “chalta hai attitude”, “Respecting the country you live in”, and watching the ripple-effect of goodness. It is a Chain Reaction! Join in!