Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Solidarity on Sale

It did put me in a zone, from where I could only escape with a blog post. 

Well, she happened to ask me, why do people only express solidarity on Facebook, when something happens outside of India and not when some thing is reported in India. For instance, not undermining the ruthlessness, the terror attacks that took place in Manchester, two days ago, had so many people condemning the attacks.

Any terror attack or any crime, leading to loss of human life, unity, or integrity, only portrays an abysmal state of human beings. It is really really sad!!

My post, or the brooding I underwent, since the topic came up, is not about how the world is succumbing to negative forces, but what makes people so hollow from within? If you have read my posts, my constant whining has been about pertinent hypocrisy.

Why did the Facebook and audience, not express their concern over Rohtak Gang Rape, or the rape of a 2.5 year old kid that left an indelible scar on her body, mind and spirit? Why is there immense consolation for something that happens outside, and so little for crimes and attack that happen here.

Humans are same everywhere. Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to divide people on the basis of how they feel for their "foreign" brethren. I am only asking, why isn't there awareness about crimes that happen around us?

Is it the "yaha chalta hai", "yaha aisa hi hota hai", "India hai, what do you expect?!", attitude that holds us from expressing solidarity? Or is it the acceptance that we have developed over the time, about what's ok and what's not! 

We do not spread any awareness, or we do not express as much, and that's fine. Perhaps, that is not our prerogative as citizens of the nation. But sympathizing with what happens out of the nation, and putting it on social media, will only prove how well you have been influenced by the media. It proves nothing about your reading skills or your knowledge about the current affairs.

This is again not about who reads what and expresses what. This is about, being true to oneself. If you sympathize so strongly with a terror attack outside, I want you to express your sympathies to someone who's suffered on a similar scale in your own country. Or else, just don't express it!

That's the difference between sympathy and empathy. If you were empathizing enough, you would KNOW so much to not express it and feel the pain of the things that are happening around you, first!
Try and change it, because it is affecting you too. And then watch society change, person by person, community by community, city by city and state by state. 

That's when you can associate yourself with the tag of  "Global Citizen" and empathize at all levels.

Stop acknowledging. A crime on humanity is a crime on you. Have emotions, not recognition! 

Let me know, what you can really do, being where you are! Think about it!