Wednesday, March 08, 2017

On Women's Day, lets thank the Men!

For once, let's forget about all misinterpretations that we hold about feminism and think of all the men who have empowered us to be whoever we are.

Let's thank the men, who have been perfectly alright with our innate ability to express and argue.
Who have encouraged us to voice our opinions and have a say in all matters.

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To the fathers, who never shut down their daughters because they were too "bold" for the society. To the fathers, who did not mind their daughters slipping into shorts and flip flops while going out for a movie. To the fathers who argued that the daughters needn't learn the kitchen chores alone and needed to do whatever the boys did. To the fathers, who did not differentiate between their sons and daughters and played football with them equally, without judging who hit the ball harder.
To the fathers who set an example of how a wife is treated, and made the daughter realize that she shouldn't be settling for anyone less. To the fathers who, proudly let the daughters pursue careers in the Defense, where women recruitment is not common. To the fathers who shared all responsibilities with their wives proving that in a relationship there are no written rules~everything has to be equal. To the fathers, who openly spoke of sex, drugs, politics without creating biases about subjects one could talk with their daughters. To the fathers, who made sure no one blamed women drivers again!

Let's thank the men, the husbands, who have selected a woman for a wife and not a maid. The husbands, who are proud to flaunt their wives in their social circles, because she is a one of the prime contributors to the life they both have decided to create. To the husbands, who share all responsibilities, monetary and household, parents' and children, friends and family and create a balance. To the husbands, who are not ashamed of their wives earning more. To the husbands, who encourage their wives to take up promotions, if offered, without pulling her down, demanding family responsibilities. To the husbands, who love their wives, not own them, but have set them free, to make choices, that would best benefit the relationship. To the husbands, who stand up for their rights too, and do not allow "Feminazis" to get the better of them, proving that equality for all should be the crux of all ideologies. Let's thank the husbands who do not force their wives for anything - even sex! To the husbands who respect their wives and command respect in return. (Respect is not demanded, it is commanded!)

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Let's thank the brothers who not only protect their sisters, but also teach them how to stand up for themselves. To the brothers who fight and argue, but at the end of the day love their sisters unconditionally. To the brothers who do not dictate their sisters what to wear and what not to, because they know everyone has a right to express. To the brothers who believe girls can do a Chokeslam to the cue if taught well. To the brothers, who wish for their sisters to have boyfriends and husbands like them, because they care so much for her. To the brothers who know, and acknowledge, that women can indeed hit harder - and it pains!

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Let's thank the boyfriends, who believe in honesty while dating, or building up a relationship. To the boyfriends who empower their girl friends emotionally as well as mentally to be who they are. To the boyfriends who put time and efforts into a relationship, not to have fun, but to build a foundation for what in future could turn into a beautiful bond. To the boyfriends who do not misuse the liberties given to them. To the boyfriends who are faithful, who are practical and who do not tolerate misuse of women power to be dragged into abuse either ways. To the boyfriends who respect a girl's privacy, her right to talk to other friends, boys and girls and her independence. To the boyfriends who allow and expect women to pay on a date. To the boyfriends who understand that dating a strong woman is a very empowering thing to do. To the boyfriends, who are not afraid of living or being associated with a woman who has her own identity.

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Let's thank the sons, who believe and accept that the major part of their lives was shaped by their mother, who is an epitome of love, sacrifice and patience. To all the sons who feel proud of their mothers despite their educational status, background and knowledge of a certain language.  To the sons who do not give up on their mothers because life takes a different turn. To the sons who protect, serve and give back to their mothers what she gave them all through their lives.
To the sons, who understand and accept the disabilities and challenges that may pose and support the parents in times of ill health. To the sons who make their mothers feel proud for having borne a son who respects women, and is an example for all the men out there.

Let's thank the men, who do not drool over a cleavage when a girl wears a low neck top. To all the men who do not judge women who drink, smoke or wear skimpy clothes. Also the men, who do not judge women, who have undone brows, sad dressing sense, and a bad figure. To the men who believe that women are human beings too, they are an individual who have the right to make a choice, express and be the way they want to. To the men who do not treat women as objects. To the men who let women open the door, pull their own chairs. To the men who are proud of a woman leader, who do not call women bossy and are not demeaned by women taking over certain professions. To the men who are men, but respect women because of their inherent beauty but do not wish or desire to possess it. To the men who are free and who set women free!

This could as well have been a Men's day post. Why am I writing about Men, here, when there are so many pertinent Women issues out there? Also, when today, it's Women's Day?

Certain societies have percolated different ideas about how a man or a woman should be, and that is something that needs to fade away with the increasing literacy (and wisdom).  Men have been overpowering, commanding, exploiting women since centuries. But now the times have changed. Women don't need to prove or fight with anyone to be who they are. They are already powerful. Women could not be who they are because of suppression from the society and it's ideologies about men being the dominant sex.

That's exactly why, we need(ed) a Women's Day to highlight what issues persisted and how things have now become better in some parts of the world, where still some parts are dealing with issues like Female Genital Mutilation. The idea of what a women should be or do, is still dictated by men in certain societies. Just because women have privileges in certain part of the world, doesn't mean we can turn a blind eye towards where women are suffering to an extreme extent.

Men in many parts of the world, live under the idea of being the "boss", having the power of exploiting women, they need to know, that, that's not how it works. While things have changed now, it is very important to have a revision about basic human rights and both the genders existing peacefully without overpowering the other.

The men who do all of the above as a father, husband, BF or a son - congratulations, you are a feminist, already, if you have not understood what it means, yet!

Women who are lucky to have these men, you don't need a women's day, every day is a women's day for you.

Being a woman is a blessing. The strength, the grit is unmatched! Kudos, fellow Women for finding yourselves and being who you truly are. Happy Women's day!

And Dear Gentlemen - Thank you!

For most of us, every day is a celebration, because of individuals like you!