Monday, March 06, 2017

Back with a Doodle!

Art Courtesy : Diba Raza

When nothing else was inspiring enough, this doodle did what, pain and joy couldn't do - it made me write again! There are so many issues going around,  that I did feel the need to express but was too lazy to pen it down and put it on the blog. But things have to be said, if you feel so strongly! And hence, I am back. Like always, there is a comeback and then a long hiatus. But, microblogging can be easily converted to a full fledged blog post, and that doesn't require efforts. I guess!

So, I was wondering....
about Gurmehar
about Hate Crimes going on in Trumpland
about the abysmal performance of the Indian cricket team against Australia
about Single Parenthood! (Congratulations to Karan Johar on becoming a father to a wonderful pair of twins)
about Surrogacy being illegal
about how Earth is breathing at a higher frequency proving that human consciousness is evolving
about AIB's video on Women's besties and on air with AIB's comeback!
about Ayesha Takia's Botox! (Yes, I have an opinion on this as well!)
about not being able to spot all 32 states on the map of India! (and the plight of fellow Indians)!
and the list is really really long!
I wonder if I have so much to talk about, why don't I?

Courtesy: Google Images

What's keeping me soooo busy? -->

It's time to get back to interests - my own!
Hence the comeback! yet again!


PS: What do you think of the blog header and the awesome doodle?