Monday, October 24, 2016

You, October!

Copyright: ObscureOptimist

October, you make departures beautiful! 

I have let you gone, darling
Like the leaves
That give up on life
And fall from the trees... The autumn colors the earth yellow
In celebration.. I have heard laughters
echoing from the empty spaces
of my heart
that once used to
house the debris
of our love.
I have let gone the hopes
of the purple pain
that were once kisses - Pink, sometimes red!

I lie down spreading my arms, like the earth
waiting to collect
it's own broken pieces,
floating in the universe ,
slowly falling down
as twigs or stars!
covered with dust
that rested, while
our love was alive!
Now Autumn, is just
a sign that tells me
That I have to go back
to where I came from!

October, you make departures so beautiful!

The Orion waits for you to come,
when it can shower it's orionids
on people like me
and wake us up
from the slumber of
and show us
what the universe is capable of!

So, like a romantic nomad,
with no home to stay
who leaps from heart to heart
Silently hopes!
Somewhere far,
Where the sky meets the Earth
I get to feel love and pain!
All over again!

October, you make departures so beautiful!