Tuesday, October 18, 2016


© yamini
I have not blogged, or written in the longest time, and people have been asking me why so? I never took writing seriously, but this is an exercise to the mind, if not anything else. A very healthy outlet, which eases me out of a lot of tension.

So, to all those who come here and return back, without seeing any updates, here I am, back again, with another sprint! I want to say, that I will be regular henceforth, but writer's block is like pee; if you drink too much, you have to go.
I do not promise to be here forever, I do want to start writing regularly again. And the agenda, like always is as follows:

Monday Musings - for the love of poetry, and ramblings in rhythm.

Tangy Tuesdays - Gossips, Bashing, Opinions and All sorts of masala that, I otherwise do not write on social media.

Wordless Wednesdays - for the love of photography, when pictures speak more than words

Thoughtful Thursdays - When delving on important issues of life, often leads to sensible/senseless rantings.

Fictional Fridays - attempt to revive to the old art of story telling, through short or serial fictions

Silent Saturdays - Who blogs on a weekend? huh?

Surreal Sundays - because sometimes, you write so much, that you never wanna stop, and Silent Saturdays, bother the bejesus out of you! So you write, on a Sunday too!

Also, bringing back the tradition of Aisa Bhi hota hai, guests and impromptu posts, I hope to keep this space alive, until it slowly slips into another slumber!

Ready? Let's begin then! ;)