Friday, April 22, 2016


I remember the fables that grandpa told me. Years years ago. 

I relive them time and again. In sights and sounds. Sometimes in walks and shades. Sometimes in light and greens. 

I live in a fantasy, but reality keeps pulling me out of my reverie and I struggle to find my way back to the beauty land of imagination.

 I struggle to convert the humming into music and chaos of traffic into rhythm. 

Sometimes i find it difficult to grasp an empty street and understand if this is an imagination or reality. I almost feel like inception, where i am levels deep in my own dreams and the inexplicable is happening.

But on a rare day, like today, I believe when people say that reality is beautiful too. Just like this lightplay that nature arranged for me.

 Just like this shade that the trees lined my pathway with.. And the beautiful web the nature created for me to filter the surreal. 

Just like this,  when am walking alone and there is no chaos.. There is nature... Peace... Music... And me... 

Exactly how my imaginations appear to be..


komorebi (japanese origin) means the light that filters through the trees