Thursday, April 21, 2016


© obscureoptimist
She always walked with her head held high. No. It wasn't arrogance or snobbery. She was some thing else. She would look at the sky while walking and intermittently check for any obstacles on her way .  She'd rather fly, in spirit as her feet touched the earth, one at a time, ignoring the gibberish that people talked and sounds the children made around her. 

The smoke from the vehicles passing by, only made her wheeze every now and then. Every evening she would shutdown her desk,  pull on her sling bag and experience the surreal dusk.  As if someone was waiting to make passionate love to her. She would walk, looking at the sky change colors. Sometimes, when the sun stayed for far too long, she would stop by for a cup of tea and watch it set. 

Sometimes she would walk with it, as it set into the horizon.  And sometimes, she would sing to the sky. One day i asked her,  what made her so crazy. She said, 'in a city where it's difficult to find my people, i look at the sky. It reminds me of home'. 

I couldn't understand, until i moved away and experienced the same beauty in a different country altogether.

Some things make you feel at home. Perfectly so. But I always feared,  that she would, one day stumble upon something and hurt herself in her sheer ignorance and madness.  She did.
He helped her pick up her phone and pieces of watch that broke after having hit a rock. She smiled,  as she picked up her belongings. 'I think you don't know me', he said.

Startled, she looked at him. 'We walk together till the supermarket everyday. And then i take a right turn. '

She never noticed. 

Her home slowly shone down upon her and colored her life with hues of love, right where she lived for years. 

In a long long time, she wasn't homesick anymore. 

The hiraeth had ended. She found her home in him.