Tuesday, April 19, 2016


© obscureoptimist
I walked into a room, 
full of people practising plays
"Hey you", one called
"Come here and be a tree".
I stood motionless looking at 
characters move by.
For hours together,
as the rehearsals began to set.
I smiled for having found a place somewhere,
then they thanked me and I left.
Walking on the street,
someone held my hand and said..
"Let's cross the road"
I was a crutch to their fear.
I looked around, wondering if I wanted to 
cross the road at all?
Then someone came
and waved a hand.
I smiled.
They asked for an address.
I obliged.
and they left too.

What was I?
And then someone came along,
and asked me my name..
Are you Samah?
No... I said,
I am Eglaf.