Tuesday, April 05, 2016

D for Dépaysement

Picture Courtesy : Diba
Where have I landed? 
This is not my home... 
Strangers are smiling at me
Or has the laughter become

I do not belong here... 
There is no warmth... 
My skin is turning blue
And the coldness of attitude
Is shrinking my heart

Into a lifeless stone.
My bones no longer feel
Your touch... 

Because it is not you.. 

Shadows are chasing me
Talking to me in voices so close
But i refuse to believe that they were
My people once... 
I don't recognize the heights of success
Nor songs of praises..

I do not understand the dark walls and frigid zones
Where people talk and convert deals

with just a handshake..

I want my deals of friendships back
Under the mid morning sun 
On the barks of trees
That filtered nature for us.. 

I don't know what joys bricks enclose.. 
I have always flown
And rested on leaves... 

Like dew drops..
Take me back home...