Saturday, April 02, 2016

B for Bengaluru

Copyright : obscureoptimist

Dear Bengaluru,

You may be titled as one of the IT hubs for identification purposes.
But you are not about that alone, dear city. You are so much more.

You are about the beautiful mains and crosses of Malleswaram and Hanumanth Nagar. 
You are the fragrance of filter coffee of Vidyarthi bhavan on Gandhi Road. 
You are the poshness of beautiful houses in Indiranagar and Srinagara. 
You are the beautiful roads of Rajajinagar, the market of Commercial street and the book hub on the avenue road. 
You are the softness of Mysore silk and shine of the Bangalore silk. 
You are about the metros connecting the sizable areas of MG road and the likes. 
You are about the culture at Rangashankara and history of Lalbagh and Cubbon parks.

You are about the chaos at Marathalli and Silkboard, you are about the styles trending in Koramangala and MG road. 
You are about the places you are surrounded with..
You are about the airport which is not even in you, it is so so far! How do you live with it?

You are so much that one could think of and experience. 
And I am so glad I could experience your evening rains and assert the claims which people lay of the weather of Bengaluru. 
I will miss the warmth though, which has started to replace the pleasant drizzles of the evening.

I have been in a love with you on certain levels. 
I have hated you far too many times too.
From exploring your streets, to looking for houses, I have been in all the nooks and corners, possible. 
And I realized, you are very naive. 
Old, but naive. And that's your beauty.

I wish I could ask you miss people when they leave you? 
Well, that's a rough question, and stupid when I personify cities and expect them to miss people. 
But that's what I do. I live and end up loving the places I've stayed at.

But, if you ask me how much will I miss you if I leave... I'll say...Gotthilla...


Thank you, Bengaluru!