Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Intolerance and all that crap…

When I chat with Kiran at home, she says, 'should we move out of India?' 

Aamir Khan said what most of the young population of India is already doing!

Just because he is a famous guy, and has garnered all that he has today by his stardom in India, doesn't mean that he is not persecuted. He could be who knows. We don’t know in what Mr. Khan takes offense. He may be saddened by religious intolerance, or disrespect to women, or banning of certain items. We don’t know! He is entitled to his views. He has not offended anyone!

If he has been treated like a king all throughout, it doesn't guarantee that his kids and their kids will be devoid of any comments or remarks. They may have their problems. Every one of us do.

My write-up is not in defense of Mr. Khan at all. He is free to do whatever he wants to do. My point is, why is leading news websites displaying this broadcast about how intolerant Mr. Khan thinks India is? He has just voiced his opinions.

Do I think India has been tolerant? Most definitely yes! This is the only country with the most successful democracy with over 7 religions, 3,000 castes and over 25,000 subcastes. And we have lived amicably all these years barring a few tiffs here and there.

This extent of secularism exists nowhere else in the world, and we have been a peaceful nation for over 65 years since independence. The Britishers came and went, and they could do nothing to shake the very foundation of our nation. We all respect our diversity and we all know what it means to stick together despite these outrages that happen every now and then. Whatever the media shows, is just to blind you of the clear notion that you have been holding all this while. 

Having said that, there is no denying, all over the world, around 1/3rd Indians are immigrants. That amounts to over 300 million people.  There are millions of people already doing something that Aamir Khan and his wife spoke about. 

Anyone reading this would agree that they know at least 10 people in their friend circle, or families, who are already out of India, or are trying to migrate or are appearing for exams so that they get to study and settle outside. How many people would readily opt to stay back in India? What are the major reasons that people are immigrating to other countries? Have we asked this to ourselves, to our families and friends? Don’t worry about Mr. Khan. 

What is our thought process? Just because he is a movie star, and has expressed his opinions, he makes it to the headlines? There are millions of people already talking about this over tea, and discussing about the VISA application processes. There are million more who are already about to leave India for the very reason you are slamming Mr. Khan!

Aren't there more important things happening around that needs coverage? What’s with the complacency? Why is media so erratic?

People who plan to move out of India, not only worry about themselves, or money, but they also worry about the future generations. Haven't we read numerous articles about how people are scared of bringing up their girl child in India? How Muslims are scared of making a living in a city like Pune, because they are not allowed to rent houses? How tamilnadu has closed its door for other non-tamil speakers? If this is not intolerance, what is?

Aamir Khan is a very famous guy, hence people like Mr. Kher are taking offence. I love my country too. But I am also practical enough to accept, that yes, unity in diversity is definitely at threat. Because we are being intolerant. 

The forces are slowly playing with our psyche and making us an intolerant lot. We WERE Tolerant earlier. Not anymore.. See how they are tricking us into a trap? Where we fight and kill each other? There won’t be any force required. Just manipulating the thoughts and tricking the psyche will do it all. They are doing so so well! The forces!

We are letting the very identity of a great nation like India succumb to external pressures. I am as lost as anyone who is wondering what state we’ve reached today? I am as dejected as anyone who is wondering what a wonderful nation India was, and how it’s going to the dogs. I am slowly losing faith in myself and my countrymen.

I will have my faith restored, when 1/2 of the immigrant population, decide to come back to India. I have no other measure! With increasing population, where immigration seems a better idea, I still wonder why isn't India, with all its talent a developed country yet? Because everything is draining away! Think about it! 

Anyway, I have to get back and help my friend with some IELTS study material!

Mr. Kher. Take a break!