Friday, October 16, 2015

Misophonia : Stage 4.

That's what I am suffering from. They say when any disease reaches stage 4- then there is no coming back. I knew something was really wrong with me. I did not realize it until my senses messed up. At one point I also thought that I was recuperating. But turns out, it was just a phase and then it slowly made its way to the dreaded stage 4. Now what next? I will die! Simple!

Well.. how, you may ask! Misophonia is a serious case of intolerance to certain noises. I am suffering from Misophonia PSMTN - stage 4!

It gives me this insane drive to yell a "PLEASE STOP MAKING THAT NOISE" to someone who relentlessly slurps, burps or chews loudly while eating. Rather, I don't even feel like yelling anymore, it's more of a push to kill a person. And then what happens when you kill someone?

You go to prison and you die. There.. Stage 4. Death!

That's how serious it is!

I remember my cousin telling me a name for this condition. I had no idea this was actually a disorder. But then, all disorders begin with no name, and then you have a name coined, usually based on the name of the first patient, or the first antidote that was ever produced. Or.. you know what... I really don't care! But they have a name and it's called misophonia and I have it! Period!

Sometimes, there needn't be a solution to disorders. Just get rid of those people around who cause you this disgust or pain or anger. But do we ever do that?

Sometimes, I feel, developing love and lots of love towards people will ease a lot of things. I've been at it! But this doesn't always work! You sometimes wanna shut them up, and feed them through a tube! I know that's a bad thing to say, but c'mon. You can't blame a person suffering from Misophonia! I am suffering - stage 4, and if people don't stop... I may die.. (you know that part right... kill'em-jail-hangedtilldeath-stuff!)

Boy! this rant is just a symptom perhaps!

I'll take a moment to pray for all the souls who suffer from this, and more so for people who are outright pathetic, have no manners and do not know how to chew the food and sip the beverage in the cup.. Good Lord grant them some sense!

And for me.. Well.. I'll see if I have any chance of living! Looks like there are new organic earplugs in market. That should help. Unless the Pharmacy industry decides to curb the distribution of natural remedies and shoves some medicines in the name of cure for Misophonia!