Friday, October 09, 2015

From Hating to Loving Priyanka Chopra!

I totally understand why guys love her. But I never understood when people spoke of her acting! I always found her to be a showoff as an actor. I thought she did too much, in the bollywood, which is anyway larger than life, and made her characters look like they had some speech defect.

Well, not so much a defect, than accent! It's evident everywhere, and it's annoying. I have not liked her in any interviews, award shows, the songs she's sung and not even in the movies!

I know it must be heartbreaking for her to read this, which I pray she never does.

But this part, now that I am going to write, I hope she does!

Dear Priyanka,

I have had a very detached journey of hating you and then loving you. It doesn't concern me what you do, and what you don't. I am not one of those people who would rush to watch a movie which stars you, nor would I follow you on instagram and watch what you wear and follow your style, which I think needs a lot of improvement!

I don't say I do not follow any Bollywood star. I do. But you are not one of them!

And do you know, why around a dozen more I know, do not like you? Because, girl, you don't belong here! You do not belong to the Indian Film Industry. You should be where you are right now! And you should have done that long ago!

With a lot of apprehensions, I did chance upon the first episode of Quantico. And I was surprised, that I found it very very interesting. Not the episode, but how easily you fit in there. Your acting was effortless. Less makeup and more realistic attitude towards portraying a character made it watchable. You looked like you were doing what you knew best. Talk in an accent you were most comfortable in. It did not seem like a show off!

And I loved the way you looked. Your stylist needs a huge applause for making you look so amazingly natural and bright on the screen. Your close-ups are intense, you rendering of emotions - impeccable and your screen presence - something which I think no other Indian could pull off in an American TV show along with International Actors!

I don’t find you fit for the Indian Film Industry. Or Perhaps, that role which would edify your abilities has not been written yet! Mary Kom was supposedly your best work. I disagree. I never liked you in any other movie other than Aitraaz.

But Quantico has me glued. Not because of any other reason, but you! And it’s strange, that I like it! You were never meant Bollywood, but a lot more. You’ve found your calling. Finally! Do not settle for less!