Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Religion Medicine

Imagine a cult which goes by a few rituals.. Like having ginger and honey. Or taking steam of niligiri oil.

Consider a few other cults which do not believe in ginger-honey and nilgiri at all. They'd rather believe in benadryl or vicks vaporub. Or another cult which believes in suffering and not taking any medicine.

All this for what? A simple Cough and Cold.

So, now when cough and cold is a way of life, my religion/cult asks me to take benadryl. But it is too overpowering and concentrated. It doesn't suit me. I decide to do something different. May be seek other ways of curing my cough and cold.

I see every human being is suffering from this cough and cold, some are ignorant about it and some know very well and are on the way of treating it. I am one of them.

One day, I meet someone who who tells me about having ginger and honey. I like how I feel after taking it. I realize that I am feeling lighter and I am able to breathe better. I resort to this practice because it is healing me.

Now, the person who suggested me this, did it only because he knows that it worked on him and it may be useful for me. So he asks me to resort to this practice henceforth. I agreed.

Now people who were always taking benadryl are offended and accuse this person of converting me into someone who takes ginger and honey for cough and cold. The fights begin.

The sale of ginger and honey are sky rocketing and benadryl and vicks are getting out of business. So they think of ways to convert the ginger-honey takers into benadryl takers, because according to them, only benadryl can heal and is the most apt way of dealing with cough and cold!

Similarly, somewhere in the other parts of world, there are some folks who are propagating that benadryl is not good for health, ginger-honey is, so they are emotionally blackmailing and forcing people to take up what they claim is the cure for cough and cold.

But my question is, I will take what heals me. Right? Not what heals you! So stop propagating and stop holding others guilty of converting people into different cults.

Most of the people do not even know they are suffering. And there are so many, who have risen above these petty cures of petty cults, and have sought solution to their cough and cold, by simply breathing positively and surrounding themselves with nature and fresh air. They do not need any ritual to cure. Because they have found the elixir.

So, if you are suffering, we all are, take whatever heals you! No one has the right to tell you what you should take. If your doctor doesn't suggest you the right dose, change the doctor and take the right dose.

The doctors only show us the path, recuperating is all upon how we respond to medicines. Choose wisely! Sometimes we do not even need doctors. Or Medicines.