Thursday, October 09, 2014

Two Sides

On one side there is chaos
Other side -depth

Depth of silence and calmness
that comes from drowning in the waters of nothingness
Rarely do I find a place where choices are in such contrast
And I want both! 

I want life to elude me, entertain me, as I do 
I want life to be faithful, like I am -to it..
I want life to know I want it as much it wants me
I know it does!

It wants me to feel the love and pain
And I want it to feel the same
It tries to hurt me really hard
And I want to go on, un-scarred

It wants me to appreciate its value
I do! I really do!
But I want life to appreciate what I give, too
Does it?

The other side, the choice -
The flip side of chaos is serenity
..where there is life, but no life...
Only depths of illusions and heights of wonder

It asks nothing of me.
And I ask nothing of it..
We exist together
Like no two entities would have existed better
- In Harmony!

Someday I'll embrace it
This choice – I’ll hold it and grace it! 
And I know I wouldn't regret..
Because I have been on the brink 
For far too long!