Monday, October 06, 2014

The Chase

Picture Courtesy : Diba Raza

He left a trail.
Like he knew people would come after him.
Slowly dance in the rain and tap to the rhythm.

He knew people would look for someone who held the future
Future that left behind Past - 
way behind, moved on as if it could never last.

A Lad, grabbed the moment, thought he held time in his fist
Got a company - a flying soul, held it strongly by its wrist
But like sand, time started slipping away
The boy wondered, what could make it work - his way.

He chased it. Chased it all over again. 
But everything vanished. It did not remain.
The dream which loped faster than light,
left behind darkness in a sorry, lonely plight

He traced the steps - foot by foot
challenged the racer, as firmly as he could
The end of the tunnel, transformed into Sun rays
The boy questioned, why did it haunt him, all the way?

Who was He? The runner? He said he was TIME!
He claimed he distanced, when he found people looking behind
The lad stood still, fathoming the moment that was there
TIME - like a butterfly, finally rested, with care!

Shrug off the Past - your Regrets, 
don't dwell on Future - your Pride!
TIME sat on his shoulder and said
"Now, my friend, I am on your side"

And then they walked together!