Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Diving in Lies

Picture Courtesy : Diba Raza

Tell only that's necessary..
hide everything else!

They don't need to know
when you come and where you go

Lie about it if you must
who's to tell what's unkind and what's just?

You bare only when you wish to
dare and hide everything within you

You go away far, lie that you will stay
you dream whenever you want, even if it's day!

You explore the lands of success and joy
the world's gentle banter will yet remain, Oh! Boy!

But that's what you always do
you go, lie girl, they don't deserve the truth!

Cheat on your love, kiss 'nother lip
go on a picnic- in that sea of silence take a dip

you owe no one anything
cry whenever you want, or rumble and sing

Even if you are alone, don't fear
You ran away from truth, nothing else would be near

But lie! Be a glib liar!
Talk with those eyes, set hearts on fire

Because that is what will take you till the last
 Leap into the future and smother that indelible past

Truth, you'll seek your own way, if you have to
just keep doing what you always do!

You hurt no one at least, happily they'd die
Even if all the things you ever said, were only a lie!