Friday, June 27, 2014


Picture Courtesy: Diba Raza

You have been here many times...

they are always open - these passageways
you have walked and run
closed chapters...also begun
on your favorite cherished days..

Every time you leave

a debris lies behind
It has all sorts of things
some of it even sings
and few are ruins - unkind...

One day, strangely

there came a flood - untold
of emotions and tears
of insecurities and fears
Life stopped and I- turned cold

I closed a few doors

and decided to guard my soul
Stopped letting things in
ended stories, didn't let it begin
Until everything was in control

My breath suffocated me

the light seemed to depart
I finally kept the guards aside
opened doors, bright and wide
these are but passageways to my heart..

I let everything in, now

fearless, undaunted, some say
some luckily get a peek
sometimes vivid sometimes bleak
I rule my heart, my own passageway