Sunday, May 04, 2014

Surreal Sundays

Frankly, Blogger is not user friendly anymore. With most of the bloggers migrating to their own domains and people vouching for WordPress, I do feel there is a lot that goes into accessing a blogger site. I have always had a bias towards Blogger, but the more I use WordPress, more I like it there. 

That apart, there is no reason why I haven't updated this space in like 5 months now. Close to! 

I have been busy with another project that we took up called Oh! Womania and here's the wordpress link to the site -->

I must have written more serial fictions than actually published here. I feel sad and bad that I leave loose threads and don't take up the responsibility of mending them, on my own blog.

Apologetic? No! I guess.

Having, said all that, I would now wanna more to my own domain, and wordpress is calling. I shall have a new space of my own, soon and I have no idea how to go about it. I shall try and be more regular here meanwhile, because it feels terrible to be marooned alone in blogosphere. I know how AOO must feel like! :)

Hope you've been good! 

Google plus has made commenting really difficult, I know! So, I shall find an easy way out pretty soon. Hang in there!