Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Blues

Picture Courtesy: Diba Raza

Walk a mile with me!
Will you?

That day when pieces of trust
lay on the floor,
My belief in love fogged
I cared for nothing more.

And how you knelt down
to a stranger with a lilac face
Cold, frozen, looking for -
a heart beat, a human trace

And then you walked by! 
Were you looking for your pieces too?
Broken pencils, fragile pages
green eyes- teary, your face colored blue!

It rained in my heart that day
as the city sunk in an unforgiving cold
the warmth began to dawn on me and you
as clouds began to unfold

A truth turned into a fiction
A fiction became true
A long path awaits
Walk a mile with me!
Will you?


PS: Cheers to winters! Only cold weather appeals, not cold people! Wishing everyone the warmth of love, life and wonder, this winter! :)