Monday, January 06, 2014

New year!

When I look at my blog archive, I feel a sense of euphoria. A small one, but I still do. I have been on a downhill, when it came to number of posts published on this blog.  But 2013, saw a slight steep, and I pray it grows to a higher number as this year progresses. Last year I had 5 more blog posts than the year before last, and it isn't satisfactory. I have so much to express, but two-timing is a sin they say. Maintaining multiple blogs, drains one out. So all in all, I want to say, that this is a resolution. To maintain this blog better than I did last year.

I am a neat liar when it comes to making up stories. I do not lie to my people, but this entire blog, most of the times thrives on my figment of imagination which is nothing close to reality. Hence it's not true, it is a lie and so metaphorically relative of the truth! 

I always remember what my class 6 English teacher once told me. If you want to lie, write stories. And I have been doing just that ever since! :)

So more lies this year, definitely, because a lot is cooking up! :)

While I get started on other things, apart from blogging, I wish you all a very Adventurous and Exciting New Year.. to make this year happy, or sad, is up to us! :)