Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Old Days!

Picture Courtesy : Pooja Cornelius

The sillage of the pages of a dated book
The corners dog eared - the disdain look
Once I found a message from a George to a Susan
I kept the treasure safe, as the rack shook

From the roadside, piling up on used-reads
I would breathe the dust, along with my creed
"Kill a mocking bird" for a few rupaiahs, they'd yell
Gimme some more for less, I'd plead

Those days, collection of books wouldn't suffice
More the merrier, it would be the holiest prize
Today, I have dozens - a hundred and two
I can read them, but just on a device

The piles are heavier, but not intense
the pages shine, all in pretense
I wish to go back to those hard-bound days
when stories on pages made more sense

And so for my memoirs, I write to tell
There was once a time, when we all read well
now books are business, downloads - fun
Alas! Technology is where sanity dwells..