Thursday, October 03, 2013

You nailed it!

Picture Courtesy : Diba Raza

struggling to put your feet
in the memories of beautiful past
the shoe may give a bite

having tried a million times
to stay a child
may have shown you your true plight

Despite the sluggish memory, if you didn't derail it
you transcended back easily, you did it good
You nailed it!

who'd stop you from being 
happy and at peace,
when the bondage appears lush?

addicted, you start liking it
the dulcet sound
when your bones crush

Despite the eloquence of your man, if you didn't inhale it
you survived a domination, you stayed strong
You nailed it!

at sixteen when you were
married off to a stranger
and you thought he'd take care

a scintilla of words you found
would help you evolve
and give you an equal share

Despite the ship being broken, if you proudly sailed it
you lived a life of honor, woman! Bravo!
You nailed it!


PS: Girls are expected to grow up suddenly, once they get married. Irrespective of age, there is a lot that is demanded of them, and they have to comply. In the process, they lose a lot. Today is a Thoughtful Thursday, and I want to salute all the women, who've been doing great, despite all the situations after marriage! Kudos! You make me proud :)

PPS: Diba Raza, you rock, Girl! :)