Thursday, October 17, 2013

The One

'I am bored to death! Not doing anything related to project.'

'Why? So tell me more, are you missing her?'

'Yes, but not working is not because of her. '

'Ok '

'On the contrary, if I work on the project I will not miss her'

'So, are you missing her, or are you missing the attention?'

'Hmmm... what I am missing the most is a purpose. Or Goal.....What's missing in your life? If there is anything?'


'Just a thought, let me know what do you think?'


'Love is an adulterated version of lust'


'Naah. I don't agree'


'Blogpost on Love and Lust will be up in sometime.'

'One day I shall file a lawsuit on you for copyright infringement'

'I had to make my point, because I don't agree to that statement.'

'Let me know how many people have acknowledged that they read the post. How many of them have asked who made that statement? How many of them are good looking females?'

'How does that matter? You write your version, I will publish that! '

'My version is already published. Love is an adulterated version of lust. Period.'

'Love and lust cannot be compared. Period again.'

'I really really hope there is someone who will meet all the above requirements..'


Someone believes that there will be someone who will think exactly the way he thinks about Love and Lust. 

Somewhere, someone else is looking for someone who understands what a treat black coffee is. 

Some place else, someone is waiting for the excitement in life, which was long missing, and seeking it seems to be the only purpose in life.

We all are in a perpetual lookout for that ONE. Everyone has different definitions of 'The One'. Morpheus was looking for Neo. For him, Neo was the one. 

I am looking for a person who is calmness personified so that I find peace. That thing or person is MY ONE. 

No one ever stops looking for THE ONE, which makes us have a purpose in life. Most of us do not even know what is the purpose of our lives. I don't know either. Perhaps, if I have 'The One' then defining the purpose would become easier. 

This is an unending topic, and perhaps, this is just the beginning!

Btw, Who is John Galt? ;) ;)