Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Readers Speak

Today is the day of feedback.  Since I do not have the comment form added in my posts, the readers cannot post comments. I had to remove it, because there were a lot of spam comments in my inbox, with people promoting their websites and products. And I was very bored of moderating all that. I thought, if people who genuinely wanted to convey their comments, they would do it anyway. 

I get a lot of comments about the posts I write, but these two are worth mentioning on the blog! :) I don't want to mention comments like "Well written", "Great posts". Because, they are just motivational comments. I am thankful for all of them too. But when people express their opinions, it makes more sense to me, and I feel grateful that the post made someone think! So I am going to mention two comments, which are not compliments or anything, but more than that! :)


This one was by Dipti, on the post "Love and Lust".

Marriage starts with lust, but love blossoms. It is said that love makes you accept good and bad of the does, but love becomes mutual when you are ready to change for the other person. You included an example of smoking. 

For the person I love, I would want to live a life with him, hence would not even want him to fall ill for a day, let alone be something more. If I stop him for something like that, and want to change, it is love. Love is mutual.. and wanting to change for good..

Your opinion does matter to the other person if its love. If he cares too, he is bound to change. Love is sealed, hence mutually. 

I perhaps missed the point of one being "open to change" and that ofcourse is the part and parcel of "Love". Rigidity doesn't really work in relationships. I appreciate, Dipti brought up that point! :)


And the next very interesting comment was on my post Feedback. I really loved this part! 

For most of the post, I thought OMG!!! Ayn Rand has you!!!! But, from this paragraph onwards the comments are mentioned below:

I would take the feedback positively and make sure, my posts don't appear so hateful. It's true I am capable of a lot of good, than just being sarcastic. But I am one, and I can't hide my bad side, if at all it is labelled as bad. I am what I am, and I will be what I feel is right. Others may disagree, and question my intentions! 
Don’t take the feedback positively!!!! Don’t ‘make sure your posts don’t appear so hateful’!!! A person is eating a Chicken leg piece and enjoying its taste to the fullest. His friend watching him eat absolutely loathes him… because he/she is vegetarian. Another friend cannot wait to get his/her hands on the leg piece and is jealous that the man is having it all by himself…. Because this friend is a non-vegetarian. The problem here is being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 

There is nothing wrong with the person who made the chicken piece the way it is. The cook should not prepare the leg piece in a different manner or make it appear different because the vegetarian hated it. 

As I always said, good and bad are relative terms, life should not be looked at that way. 

Let's all concentrate more on Love, which is very essential today. Sarcasm, can be saved for twitter ;)

LOVE!!!!! Oh no!!!! dog’s tail. Love is an adulterated version of lust. Period!!!! 


So keep, the comments coming. I would love to have discussions with you all, over gtalk, FB, whenever whereever you catch me. Let's talk, explore other aspects, tell me how you feel about these topics, and then I would have another interesting post on the blog! That's how it works! :)

PS: the colored part is the comment by the readers and the italics portions are parts from my post for which the comment is applicable!