Tuesday, October 29, 2013

People who die young

Today is Tuesday, and I have nothing interesting to write.  But I do have something to write about. Yesterday, I got a mail about a colleague, aged 25-26, who passed away in an accident. I did not know him very well. He used to work in our office and had left the job to pursue his education in one of the IIMs.

I only remember him from that one interaction I had. Once there was this exhibition/fun fare organised by the employees in our office. He had a stall for CRY. He was promoting the NGO and all those who were interested could become a part of it through the already existing volunteers. He was one of them. I went to the stall, and inquired everything about how to make the donation for CRY. I was to give him a cheque the next day. Somehow, I couldn't meet him, and I made the payment online. That was the  only interaction I had with him. 

He was known to be someone who was very active in social service and similar kind of activities. And when I heard the news, I felt  really bad. For his family and for all the people who will now be deprived of his care and love. I hardly knew him, but I knew, world was definitely a  better place with people like him around, but not anymore.

This isn't the first time, that I have had questions like these in my mind. Why do good people have to die so early. I totally understand and know the concept of Karma and that they have finished their cycle here, and are on another journey. All fair! But, seriously, the world needs such people. 

I am someone who will only help in her capacity. I do not go out of my way to help others. If I have no food to cook and eat, I do not go about feeding others. That's the most practical approach, according to me. But there are people who live by that rule. They feel, if someone else out there is hungry and dying, how can one eat heartily and sleep peacefully.

These are the kind of people who are taken away too soon. There are some who bring about a change by talking and giving speeches, but there are some, who silently do their part without saying, mentioning anything. And when you hear a news such as this, it really makes one feel bad! 

A few days back, I read about a man, a librarian who donated all his earnings to the poor. It takes immense strength to do that for other people, who are not your own. For the sake of humanity, people do things like these and I believe they are exceptional God sent souls. Truly respectable. But when they face such nemesis, I question Justice and the Laws of the Universe. It's all meaningless. I know all the answers to my questions. The Karma one does, the fruit one gets -  it's an unending cycle which shall make sense if I see the bigger picture.

All wonderful people die too soon I feel. And the ones who deserve to die still hang around and corrupt the air! I wish there was more justice. Perhaps there already is, I am too small to understand the bigger meaning behind all this.

Incidences like these, makes me appreciate whatever I have, even more. There have been times, when i have complained incessantly. But, living, being alive, itself is the biggest gift ever! And people who want to die, because they have failed in exams, or relationships, they should know, some people want to live and do so much, but they don't get to! 

And if we are alive instead of those who should have been alive-  those who indeed had a purpose, we should be thankful!