Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Muse, A-muse

You know what, I have a muse. Or may be I have muses. I like to write on a few people, about a few people, and they inspire me. But I have never mentioned about someone who is an integral part of my Amusement. She is my A-muse. 

So so amusing, that at one point, I decided to kick her flat arse with a big fat baseball bat, but then I realized  it's very difficult to get a baseball bat in India. We don't play baseball. The American series and sitcoms have really made me believe that we are more or less, you know, Americans. Well, that aside, coming back to my amusement, I wanna smack her with something so hard, that her brains shift back to where they were supposed to be. But, well, if they stay right where they are, I can keep having my little amusement! >:D <EVIL GRIN>

At one point in life I was so fed up of this thing, my a-muse - oh well, let me begin all over. I have an object for amusement. I give it the female gender, because of it's appearance  It could be given a benefit of doubt and be called a male too, at times, but well, I call it "her". She is an Object nonetheless. Just a pretty little object. No human traits, otherwise, just cold, insensitive, speechless, emotionless little object. And I have hated it for a while.

But, I realized  the likes of Rumi, and Osho made me realize - that hate is futile. But humor is fun! The best way to hate someone is to make fun of them. Ouch, that hurt, didn't it. I was always this sarcastic champion in my head. I wouldn't blurt out expressions, fearing judgments and opinions, but what the heck, my blog, my a-muses and my comments. Who cares.

So among all the muses- the lovely ones, I have this one ugly A-muse. No no, don't judge me for being so cruel and commenting on her looks. She looks pretty. That's why people fall for her. All pretty objects attract all cruel intentions, don't they! 

But I know about all the ugliness and much funnier things that are really actually associated with her, that makes me wanna call her A-muse. She really amuses me. So, that's what she's gonna be. All of us, have one or the other a-muses in our lives. 

Let's face it. We do. I am someone's a-muse and I couldn't be happier if someone came and told me that they hate me so much that they wanna make fun of me! I'd be so thankful for considering me to be a source of entertainment for gloomy souls. 

But if someone who thinks I am their a-muse, and they hate me, and instead of making fun of me, they conspire to make my pretty awesome life miserable, then.............. I usually don't do much! I just get back, make them my A-muse and make fun of them! :D 

There is no greater satisfaction in laughing over how certain people all of a sudden start appearing like objects. Objects you could, kick, throw, and play with! :D

My poetic side hardly comes out, at such times, when I see these A-muses. They make me wanna introduce Baseball in India. Seriously! Where the hell do we get those bats! No, don't suggest hockey sticks. They might just break! 

I was almost thinking of making a separate tag for my A-muse, but does she deserve so much importance? Well, she does. She has changed my life so drastically, that she does need at least a tag, if not a big blow! I can give her that! She'd have place at least somewhere!


Well, I am not really that person, you know! I just rant at times, and I find that I am better off paying attention to my muses than trying to accommodate poor A-muse somewhere. It's true that, that object has occupied a huge space in my head, and needs to find a drain out.
This is it, I feel. I put that b*a** out of my mind, and into this post. She has been awfully amusing, and I hope she makes way for my creatives juices, so that I fall deeper and deeper in love with my muses.

And of course whenever I need Amusement, I know I always have that one perfect A-muse! And I don't wanna ever lose her! Seriously!