Monday, October 07, 2013

Hide and Seek

Picture Courtesy : Diba Raza

her romance with the lens
is one of a kind
she holds it like
i'd hold a rose
her smile - surreal
with all cares composed

a hue of red
in her eyes,
an exburence of gold
in her flight
I remember that day -
I wore a yellow
she silently gazed,
clicked a song within me -
like, on a cello

and I sung
absconding into 
the zephyr behind the curtains
she followed with her lens
- her blissful burden

Hide and seek of the romance
Impervious, she stood for a second -
longer than a span

she was like apricity
I - petrichor
and we glistened in the ecstasy
wanting for more

the arrogance, special
yet futile
pushed us for more
for some more miles
more, some more miles

and then we rested...


PS: Meanings of the lovely words I used in the poetry.
Apricity : warmth of sun in winter
Petrichor: scent of rain on dry earth
impervious: impenetrable. 
zephyr : a gentle breeze

PPS: This is my 400th post on the blog! :)