Monday, October 28, 2013


I have been writing Tangy Tuesday posts lately, and the last one that I wrote, seemed a little hateful - Muse, A-muse. Yes, it was. I don't hate people (Hate is a very powerful emotion. This calls for another post on this topic!), but I make fun of them. I seriously love it, when I pass sarcastic comments on people whom I do not appreciate. 

Of course I am not a perfect human being and there are people who upset me. And there are times when I want to show them the mirror, but I am not someone who judges people. I let them be the way they are. But my rage or feelings need to find a place. Therefore I rant it out, here! 

Is it their attitude towards life, their face, their negativity - I have no clue what affects me. But, I feel better, if I write it down. But today I had someone tell me that my posts do not inspire her. 

Frankly I have never written anything on the blog for the readers. Invariably, I got a few followers anyway, is something I am very thankful for. But I have been a selfish writer and I maintain a blog for myself. I have this competition with myself alone. I do not vie for n number of followers and n number of comments. My blog hardly does rounds on the blog forums and platforms. I just share my posts on FB, because there are some genuine readers who seek updates. No comments or hits on the site, bother me at all. 

Yes, I do appreciate when I get feedback, but I do not blog to get one. So, today I was told by one of my readers that my writing is usually inspiring but I let down the expectations with horrible posts like Muse, A-Muse. 

Point noted. 

Now, there were some people who told me that the post was very nice. I got very good feedback about that post. But, I was forced to dissect the intention of someone telling me that the post was uninspiring. If you read it as a third person, the post looks amusing. But if you read it as someone for whom it was meant, then may be it would be hurtful. Empathizing is very important aspect of living, I feel. And my reader, did exactly that, and got back to me and told me that how cruel it sounded.

My intention is never to promote hate or ill feeling through my blog. It is just for myself, and entertainment of others. If this blog has something to give, please take it, else, there are hundred other bloggers who write with an intention of preaching. I am just not suitable and fit to preach about better topics, so I just rant the state of a human mind, my mind, which questions everything, anything and comments accordingly. 

I would take the feedback positively and make sure, my posts don't appear so hateful. It's true I am capable of a lot of good, than just being sarcastic. But I am one, and I can't hide my bad side, if at all it is labelled as bad. I am what I am, and I will be what I feel is right. Others may disagree, and question my intentions! 

Yes, setting out any negativity in the universe is bad, I totally agree. But there are millions who are already doing it by creating thoughts in their heads, without speaking them out. At least I honestly write about the way I feel and deal with negativity. I don't conspire and spoil lives. Yes, one spoiled  post is all that's ever gonna come out! 

But sure, I understand the importance of writing the good stuff on my blog, because there are people whom I don't even know, read this. I don't fear judgment, but I would never want anyone to misconstrue my writing as "Hate Posts".

Let's all concentrate more on Love, which is very essential today. Sarcasm, can be saved for twitter ;)