Monday, September 30, 2013

the pool of ecstasy

Picture Courtesy: Diba Raza

i sat on a bench
watching the pool - so calm
every ripple that sobered
was a soothing balm

my mind would follow shamelessly
the pattern of the pool
a pebble of thoughts would stir it
and break all stable rules

and then i would dive
into the wondrous depths of love
desire and passion would conflate
and float demurely above

that's when she walked
an artist's muse i'd say
fringes playing with her eyes
- a twisting, turning, foray

a character from my dream
whom someday i'd pen to life
walked along and made a tiny ripple
that created a havoc inside

she was an artist too
with a lens and an observing eye
cynosure, my muse
she's my ineffable alibi


PS: Sometimes you find your muse, and you know this is IT!