Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Menace is in the Town!

A Virtual Welcome

My cousins and my nieces are in my hometown, Nagpur, and I am busy fulfilling my Karma in Bangalore! I wish I could be home and have fun with the kids. 

Nitya, my older niece, made a nice card for me and my sister (We are called Minnie and Bittoo). I was overwhelmed. I love when someone gives me cards, and more so when some one puts a picture of me amidst lovely flowers which have different colored petals, located in a nice park! Wooh! 

That is just so amazing and apt! My picture, right there below "Minnie" with just one eye? Well, you know what the irony is, I have an eye infection today, and am wearing my big glasses, I think it is conjunctivitis, because it is very bad and swollen and looks like the one in the picture my little baby made! :)

To think of it, I really wonder, do the kids of this generation have such awesome instincts? :)

Look at the outline of the card! Could it be more creative? I see so much love in this card! And I wish I could hug the little tricksters and have a jolly good time! But alas! Duty calls :(