Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pet-ty tales!

It's been over a week since I posted here. Well, Tuesdays are Tangy, especially if one has been dying to come to work. Yep, that's me! I have a place to come to, where I can do what I like, and i get paid for it. Yeah, I am talking about blogging! Well, I do some technical stuff too in between!

I know everyone loves pets. Ok, some don't. But the idea of having a pet is really wonderful and it appeals so much, when we see people carrying ugly pugs and pretty Pomeranian to places and getting those envious stares, they love it ! 

But do you know, knowingly or unknowingly we all have a pet or pets. In the form of a person. Yeah, it's not an animal, it's a person and it is called by various names, like GF, BF, SF, FF etc. You can call them anything you want. But the fact it, most of us, knowingly and unknowingly have these pets! 

What do pets do? The human ones!

1. They bark when they see a stranger entering your life. They don't tolerate the sight of a new person and they get all protective about you.

2. If they see that the stranger is coming anyway, and you are trying to shoo your puppy and asking them to sniff the new person and make friends with them, they do it.They sniff and sniff and sniff until they become faithful to your friends too. 

3. But the stranger never forgets that the doggy barked once. Once bitten twice shy ;) So the relationship always remains tensed. The doggy scares the new friend always!

4. The pets are lickers. They lick you. All over. You feel you are being pampered and the doggy loves you, but no, the human pets, lick the money away, they lick the happiness away, they lick your sanity away. You survive in a dungeon with that doggy alone. And yeah, that Dog is apparently your best friend :D 
That's how it goes by the definition.

5. The Dogs have good qualities too. Oh, wait, am I talking about Dogs alone! No, this post is about pets. Ok, pets! They have good qualities too. Like the cat. They are intelligent and very very shrewd. With that innocent sweet face, they make you fall for them, and then they don't remain faithful and slide away when they feel like it. Sometimes they are cursed too. Poor cats!

6. Some have lizards, snakes, for pets too! Strange!

So, human pets are nothing less than the real ones, but there is one difference between humans and animals. Humans have intentions, pets don't! So, it's easier to love pets, than humans!

That reminds me, did I mention I am getting two new pets too! No no, not humans! :D But they'll have human names! Some humans need mockery!

I'll put a picture real soon.. I already call them Llyod and Rick! :) 

PS: And ya... That explains the status on FB :P 
I love that song from PPNH - Tere Doggy ne mujhpe Bhokne ka nai! ;) ;)