Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post-Independence day thought

I had a few things going on in my mind!

1. People who blame Gandhiji for the plight of India, today, do y'all think, getting India and Pakistan together should be our next step. How and when and why is baseless now. Just the thought! The very people who condemn Gandhiji's actions and decisions, are full of hatred for Pakistanis. Remember the last wish of Nathuram Godse? - He wants his ashes to be immersed in the Indus river of re-united India and Pakistan! If his reason of assassinating Bapu was union of the two nations, why is the motive not important anymore to people who have a grudge against Mahatma Gandhi?

2. The politicians, almost 99% of them, have huge wealth. They have hundreds of crores of rupees which they have gained and kept somewhere for what no one knows. They shy way from paying taxes, and add nothing to the nation's progress. There is a Poverty line defined. How about a limit to Richness? Everyone must agree that a man needs not more than a certain amount of money to live his life, and also leave a legacy behind for this next generations. The circle should be completed, and the money should flow. Ever thought of a limit to financial status? 

3. Elections are here, almost. It's been going on between BJP and Congress for a long time now - the seat, I mean. Do we have enough trust in our politicians, the new ones, so that we hand over the country in their hands? Or how about a dictatorship for India? I think, we've been menacingly democratic enough for a very long time now!

These are just thoughts. I would want to contemplate more and write, but time doesn't allow me! :)