Friday, July 19, 2013

Serial Fiction : The Origin


There is something called the life of truth. Unadulterated by the eccentricity of human characteristics and deviations. A life which should be. But isn't  - Neither for me nor for you. That plane of existence is a universe unexplored.

A graduation in a certain discipline conditions your mind in such a way that you are devoid of the facts of life. You have to undo a lot of learning and start afresh.

After I received my degree for my masters, my mother, who’d come to attend the convocation, and I went to my favorite cafĂ©.

She told me a few things that day, which I can never forget. 

She leaned forward on the table, looked into my eyes and said, “Your master’s degree has got you knowledge in how a certain electronic component works. You have no clue how you’d master the art of living with this little knowledge. Always remember, be ready to accept your faults, humbly, always speak the truth – to yourself, and others, there is nothing as a good lie, and always be ready to accept things the way they are.”

“Hmm”, I sipped coffee as I heard her speak. She spoke very less, and when she did, it was worth absorbing. This was very unexpected. She wasn't someone who would tell me how to do things in life or tell me the nuances of it. She had always let me be. But then, she was trying to tell me things. Things, which I would have loved to grasp, because she spoke so little.

“There may be times, when your heart will be broken, but always remember, the other person is not bad - the situation is. Time will make everything right. You will be a better human being after every experience. You will have lessons and you’ll be richer”, she added.

“Hmm”, I agreed as it intrigued me further. She was doing a great job. Where was all this all this while, I wondered!

“You will be blamed, held wrong for a lot of things you didn’t do, but it is not always necessary to prove yourself. As long as you are true to yourself, nothing else matters. Opinions are like armpits they say - Everyone’s got two, and they stink. Never let anyone tell you how you’ve ruined their life, because know one thing, you can never ruin anything. You are made to build, made to produce, on a basis of truth”, she said.

It was deeper than the speech the dean had given.

“Always do what your heart tells you and sometime in life, try and become a mother, before it’s too late”, she ended it with that.

I was 23 and I had no clue why she emphasized on the motherhood aspect. I realized she probably wanted me to have an equally awesome daughter like she did. Motherhood was nowhere on my mind.”