Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diving in again

I think I am ready to blog all over again. There are if and buts most of the times, and the situations are not very favorable either, but writing keeps me going. I have been working on the fiction, and I shall start posting it from tomorrow which is a slot for "Fictional Fridays". I think one chapter a week will be good, as it will give me sometime to get some reviews about the same, and make me understand what I am writing. It's been a while that I've indulged into a full -fledged fiction and I want to do that now. I seem to have almost forgotten how to write stories, weave plots and develop characters.

The next fiction may just be an attempt at going back to the roots and starting all over again. And I am not very good at it, so I'll just try to learn in the process of writing fiction. 

Today is a thoughtful thursday, and this is a nice start, I feel. I can give up publishing at times. But I can never give up writing! :)