Friday, July 26, 2013

Chapter 1 : Life as it is


“Thank you . Thank you very much! “


“I wouldn't have been what I am today had it not been for you people. My inspiration for what I do, is nothing but one among you. You encourage me to speak for you, write on your behalf, give words to your emotions and present something which portrays life as it is, without any exaggeration.”

“Ma’am, I have a question. Why do you write so brutally? You could sugar quote things and put it subtly too!”

“Thanks again, for the suggestion, Mr….. Your name please?”


“Mr.Ronit, you are right. There are writers, who sugar quote reality and make it sound oh-so-beautiful. But I have my class of readers too. Someday I would like to attempt a fantasy fiction where everything is sugar quoted, false and beautiful. Someday!”

“You mean to say, other Indian authors are not doing a good job, because they write fantasy fiction”

“I never meant that Mr.Ronit. I am just saying, my genre is different and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing response that I get for what I write!”



The applause is a good motivator, unless it is not just for relaxing your palm muscles. I am not attracted to a huge crowd or to massive response for my work. I am happy that I could just do it. When my work is published, I feel a sense of euphoria not because I know I would have thousands of readers vying for a signed copy, but just because, I could speak to many hearts through this one book. There are times when I am mistaken too. But I really don’t care.

The sun doesn't stop shining in the summer, or doesn't generously appear in monsoons. It just remains true to its nature. So do I. it’s very simple.

I remember someone telling me, “Miss Writer, you got a weird attitude. If you let go off your Ego, you’ll be more endearing”

I took the advice. But I never implemented it, because it wasn't my ego in the first place. My mom told me, it’s always good to be true, than charming. Truth has its own charm!


My thought flow was disturbed, as my phone rang. It was Shalini, my mother. She wasn’t present for my book release and I couldn’t have been more annoyed.

“Mom, you’re calling me now?”, I whispered getting away from the dais.

“Well, I just called to ask, which floor were you on, I am lost in this big building!”, she spoke so sweetly that I had an indelible smile on my face. I wanted to hug her for giving me yet another surprise.
Shalini was always so good at this.

She never missed important occasions, but I wasn't expecting her to fly to Mumbai from Singapore for my book release. I would have shared the video anyway.

I looked into the crowd as the crowd settled down, and I watched Shalini switch off her cell phone. She was the best audience one could ever have, the best listener and the perfect soother for the tempest – me. 

She had arrived! Finally!


to be contd...