Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To the snob, I don't like! - # 10

Your pretty face
and charming smile
is pretty fake
harms all the while

behind the innocence
is a docile mind
innocence is ignorance
it's so unkind

pretty features tell tales
of a damsel in distress
that invisible crooked smile
makes luck digress

it attracts people 
tries to keep them for life
bothers them a lot
puts them under the knife

there may be love around
but i have lovely things to tell
You loony old snob
learn to get out of that well!


PS: This was the best prompt ever! I never thought non-love poems could be so fun! Yes, I do have complaints from a few people. I don't hate them, but I don't respect them either :D Thanks NaPoWriMo for this wonderful Prompt! :)

Prompt : An un-love poem isn’t a poem of hate, exactly — that might be a bit too shrill or boring. It’s more like a poem of sarcastic dislike. This is a good time to get in a good dig at people who chew with their mouth open, or always take the last oreo. If there’s no person you feel comfortable un-loving, maybe there’s a phenomenon? Like squirrels that eat your tomatoes. (I have many, many bitter feelings about tomato-eating squirrels). There’s lots of ways to go with this one, and lots of room for humor and surprise as well. Happy writing!