Monday, April 08, 2013

The Everyday Talk - # 7

I'll write a rhyme, and sing it too
I'll play the cello along
I'll serve you snacks with some wine
Will you pretend to like my song?

I'll cook for you, the dishes I'll do
I'll paint your house in white
I'll grow pretty roses, and lilies too
Will you talk to me every night?

I'll live up our vows, I'll clean the stow
and bring up our children good and nice
I'll save prudently, like you say
Will you spend on me not once, but thrice?

Oh well, I think it's difficult to let go
your high expectations and mine
We can live well, but it's fun to argue
You think I'd give in this time?


Prompt: Speaking of which, here is our optional prompt for this, the seventh day of NaPoWriMo. I challenge you to write a poem in which each line except the last takes the form of a single, declarative sentence. Then, the final line should take the form of a question. With any luck, this will result in poems that have a sort of driving, reportorial tone, but with a powerful rhetorical finish. Let’s hope so, anyway!