Monday, April 01, 2013

Pun Intended

I have this group of friends who are added on whatsapp and we discuss potential weekend travel plans. 

V : Speculative Program .. How about a small trip to Dahanu on the weekend of April 5th-6th?
     Dahanu is 180 Kms from Mumbai.

Me: I have to see the distance from Bangalore.

V: Incase planning fails, I may be coming to Pune the same weekend.

Me: Then you all can go to Dahanu-kar colony.. :D :D 

(You have to have lived in Pune, to get the joke ;))


Everyone knows who Evelyn is. She is my adorable little neice, Jincy's daughter who's 1.5 years old.

So we get this status update from Jincy the other day.

Jincy: Evelyn learned 'tomato' yesterday so today she recalled it and pointed at a banana and said 'tooamaatoo'

I said, no.. Banana! and then I showed her the tomato.. She nodded.  After a while she says "Banatoo"

Rest of us: ROFL!


FRIENDS series can be really liberating at times. Especially when  you say something about it and the other person instantly gets the joke and vice versa. The FRIENDS fan club is a unique group of people who can get the moment going by uttering anything insane and yet making complete sense out of it.

So, at 1 am, past midnight, me and D were having some conversation ranging from books to television, where we came and stuck on FRIENDS for a moment. She narrated the relation of number 'seven' that she'd heard somewhere to one of the most amazing scenes of FRIENDS. She simply said it thrice. Seven, Seven, Seven.. and I understood what she was talking about. I immediately logged on to Youtube and re-visited that scene!

That's the beauty! If anyone of you get it, then I'd say, thumbs up, and those who couldn't co-relate...well.... "how you doing?" ;)


I have always been a lyrical mess. I find it really hard to remember lyrics, more so the tempo of the song too. So, the other day, after trying to recollect the main leads of the song "Tune jo na kaha main wo sunta raha", I began singing this song. To say the least, I was indeed in that mood. You know, contemplative kinds! So i sang that song.. Like this..

tune jo na kaha, main wo sunta raha,
khamakha, bewajah, khwaab bunta raha
Jaane kiski hume lag gai hai nazar
Iss shehar me na apna thikana raha
duur jakar bhi main paas aata raha
khamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha..

(OK, i know these are not the correct lyrics, but in my mind, they fit perfectly and they give me the requiste feel!)

After this.. I continued singing the para

Log kehte hai pagal, hu ye main bhi na jaanu.
Dil lutaya hai maine
ab kisi ki na maanu
chain dekar ke maine
bechainiya ye li hai
neende uda ke main
tumse wafaye ki hai


Yeah, that's when I realised, I'd messed it up. The contemplative mood went to the dogs, and laughed my ass out, for singing the entire thing in feel, as if, you know, I was the one suffering indeed and singing my heart's state out. But mixing up the para of one song with chorus of the other? I banged my head on an imaginary wall! Thrice~

Damn, I thought, even words betray me ;)


Jee haa..Aisa bhi hota Hai! ;)

PS: Wishing everyone a great All Fool's Day. Foolishness is the real way of finding nirvana! ;) Trust me!