Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maakhan Chor!

Mom was in the kitchen,
aur main ho rahi thi bore
I thought I'd do a little jig
and play the Maakhan Chor

Par Maakhan se bhi tastier
tha wo dahi ka bowl
I picked it up and slid away
and pretended to take a stroll

Fir chupke se living room me
I found a place and took a seat
put the bowl in my lap
and slurrrp... I began to eat

Par main Chhoti hu na, 
so my mommy always feeds
but now I couldn't reveal to her
my super secretive deed.

So I tried to put the spoon
straight into my mouth
but it hit my chin, my nose, my cheek
thoda sa dukha...ouch!

I licked and licked and licked and licked
Sigh, it was so much fun.
My shirt, and my face were already dirty
and I had just begun.

Then she came stomping her feet
I thought I do another trick
I made my sweet little innocent face
and that's when she clicked

Darr ke, I held the bowl close
as she stared for some time more
Fir aake she sat near me
and then we both played Maakhan Chor!