Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aisa Kyu Hota hai?

There are so many times, when I feel the need to jot down things, urgently, so that I don't forget it later when I try to recollect incidences for ABHH. But most of the times, the events slip off my mind. I try hard to recollect, but they do not surface.

Therefore, this section, which ideally should come every week, comes once in a month.
So I'll begin with the most refreshing tale of the day.

Whatsapp is a crazy thing! Ok. EPIC!

N : How do you spell Schrovnst?
Me: Chauvinist, you mean? (LOL)
N: Shit
Me: how on earth would anyone ever know what that Schr word is.
Dee: Shit
N: :|
Dee: How did you guess minn?
Me : I dnt knw!
Dee: Jackie Shroff ka Rishtedaar laga mujhe
Me: I was wondering, that it is some french word.
Dee: N, how did you clear 7th class?
N : :\
Dee: Agar tu pre-independent era me hoti, toh teri angrezi sunn ke angrez bhag jaate
N: Mujhe sirf spelling ki problem hai. I don't speak wrong english, and specially when i am speaking.
Me, and Dee: ROFL..
Dee: N, tere bina whatsapp berangg tha! <3


So, my office canteen is famous already. The menu keeps changing every week. Ever heard of SUGAWAN noodles. Let me tell you, they taste yumm!! :D



One fine day, when I felt like having coffee, this is how the vending machine treated me!


Imagine this.. :D Yeah, in a Restroom, in a very famous mall in Bangalore!! :D :D


Jee Haan, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai!! :D

Oh, btw, did I tell you the trick.. I have been clicking all interesting incidences, because I realised, I am not being able to hold them up in my tiny little brain! :D

Better.. no? :D