Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Light it up!

Here are a few anecdotes I gathered over the past few days :P 
I had a great ending to 2012, with Maloo sending me Christmas Gifts <3 She's my Santa :D

E: Hi, I am Ehsaan

Me: Oh! Don’t tell me your last name is Faramosh.

E: Huh?

Me: People have been mistaking me for you, all this while. Now I can tell them it’s you!

E: Ehsaan Faramosh?

Me: (Nods wryly)

E: *&%^($)


Maloo: Mere nephew ka naam “La” “Lo” se rakhna hai

Me:      Oh, that’s a difficult letter. Kuch Socha?

Maloo: His surname is Krishna, so as of now everyone has named him “Lord” and he is being called “Lord Krishna” at the moment!


Maloo: Ya, LOL can be a name too! And if he has a sibling, we can name him/her  ROFL


Maloo: Or how about Lokpal Bill. It’s the most happening things these days!

Me: Yeah Right :P

Maloo: I loved the name Vihaan. Par “La” se rakhna hai to, I will suggest “LaVihaan” usme “La” silent :P

Me: Perfect! :D

And the name list went on and I had the “La”ugh of my “la”ife! :D :D

Maloo: See my new keyboard

Me: Mast, iske pehle kaisa tha

 Maloo: Alag tha

Me: Which is better then?

Maloo: Thus ta ta thus ta that ha tha thus thus ta.
                Oh No!

Me: ROFLMAO to the power infinity!

Maloo: No memory in the dictionary!

Me :K


Maloo: I got my old keyboard back.

My canteen is the best canteen ever. Why if you may ask, I'd say the chefs keep innovating everyday. The menu list is so interesting that I wonder I needn't travel to places to eat good stuff. It's just present right there in my office canteen.

Check out what I had the other day!

Ever heard of that? - American CHAPESI ? :P


Another friend forwarded me this excellent place someone went to have snacks. I am sure no one would have dared to have anything here..

Interested? The address is right there.. see?


Because these days conversations are mostly over chat and Whatsapp, this is how I end my conversation when I see no chance of winning it..

That's right... Tu Raendey..

2013 me, yaaron.. Aisa Bhi Hota hai... :D

Wishing you a great year ahead! :)