Monday, December 17, 2012

Pirate of The Arabian

Jill Sparrow is my name
Playing Pirate is my favorite game
I go on journeys long and far
And rob all people of their aims

I met Jack Sparrow on my way
He wanted to mug sailors, he’d say
But when he met me, he lost his heart
He sat and taught me his skill all day

I wanted to snip all sailors’ bags
And see if any chocolates they’d had
And I could give all my friends some more
About my mighty gain then, I would brag

His ship he gave me on the Arabian Sea
I could be the princess, I wanted to be
A Pirate Princess would rein the blue
And with all the chocolates I would flee

But mom took off my pirate glare
And made me sober, like I would care
I loved that look, I had some style
I loved to walk with that wicked flair

But I am meant to be moderate and sweet
Aunt Mini says, I am due for a treat
So I can’t have evil ways and quirks
I’d rather not be on a Pirate streak

So, Jill Sparrow shall rest for a while
I can’t put on both, cuteness and rile
Till then I’ll live a fairy tale
Mumma, “Get me a dress, Cinderella style”