Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Sad Society

In an interview with Jug Suraiya, one of the Khaps said this..  I am sharing the of the interview,please read that, before reading the post:

The Khap said that when there will be no women there won’t be any question about women’s modesty.

Are there any women today who would be ashamed to bear a baby boy? There should be something like male foeticide, because the clan is representing something so horrid that it needs to be eradicated from the universe. I would never want to make this statement ever. 

But I am forced to, after reading what the Khap said, but I cannot degrade to his level. When men talk about giving up their daughters, killing a female foetus then, I think women need to start doing that too for male children. But saying and doing are two different things. A women’s heart, her existence is such that she can never forsake her kid, be it a boy or a girl.

 I am told many times that there are only certain men who are like this. I want to believe that. Really. But since the time the Delhi Rape case has gained attention, more and more Rape cases are being reported. If you open the home page of Times of India, you will read about rapes happening everywhere – In Bangalore, in Tripura, in Delhi Playschool, in Uttar Pradesh. From a 3 year old girl to older women.  Nobody is spared. 

The cases are not stopping. It’s just that they are being reported more openly, only because of the attention this case has attained and thankfully now all the hidden cases are surfacing.

I am fuming with anger, and I wish I had the power to do something. But when I see the way women protesters being treated at the India Gate, I feel, my voice is too tiny to be heard. 

I have a group of male friends who have sadly ogled at women too and back then I was stupid not to take them seriously. Now I feel the need to hit any guy who disrespects any woman.

I was travelling in city Volvo bus, the other day and there was a man who was constantly staring at me. I stared back at him. I am not someone who would stare back like that. I am always defensive. But I was so pissed at whatever was going on that I wanted to see the guts of that guy. He stared and from my face he slowly moved his stare downwards, then again checking out the female who was sitting next to me. Obviously he wasn't checking out the latest fashion in town, it sure was his fixation.

That was it. The next time he looked at me, I asked him what his problem was. He looked away. After sometime he was staring at another female. She was completely clad and nothing was provocative, but his eyes were glued on the girl’s breasts, and that’s when I told him to look down while sitting until his stop came. Dare he looked at any female and I would report to the police, I said. He got down at the next stop, realizing the other females were now staring back at him too.

I want to know a guy’s perspective. Seriously! I want to know what goes on in their mind. Are all men in a certain age group like that? Does it start from an early age and stays until late, or do they think, the 20-40 age span is something where they can do things openly because they are eligible for it, physically and legally? What fun do they derive when they look at a girl who is completely clad, let alone be the one who’s skimpily dressed? Is it some kind of challenge to their mind, to unfold the layers until they reach their tipping point?

Some do not need a tool to rape, they rape with their eyes. The way they look at women is so degrading that their entire imagination is a source of pleasure to them. I am on a mission now. Any man staring or ogling at any woman, making any nasty remarks is going to get a piece of my mind.

The Khaps should be the first set of men to be called in an open playground and blown with a bomb. Dammit, get rid of the perverts, instead of getting rid of women. If only men exist, they will end up raping each other. Oh, well, let me just say it won’t be a rape, it just be mutual exchange of pleasure. That’s what the Khaps should do. It’ll be happy happy world for the chauvinists! If that’s what they plan to do, then its better we women don’t exist to see that day!


The change will come only when the root cause is addressed and that one thing is nothing but “Values”. Some say, they don’t live by values and morals, because they don’t believe the right and wrong defined by the society. But respecting someone similar to the woman who brought you in this world is the most correct thing. There will not be any second thoughts. Even the devil will respect it’s mother, because she is the reason for its existence. And if an epitome of life, love and nature is not the right thing then, this society will see a bad day and that day is nearing, until we do something.

How many schools endorse Value Education? How many IT professional-parents ensure that their kids are getting the right bringing up and not just crèche exposure? Are they ensuring that their kids are learning to respect the other individuals or not? Are you spending enough time to keep a check on your kids, and siblings and checking that they are not addicted to porn, which leads to curiosity and then indulgence.  Are we becoming so urbosexual that we are letting go the basics of human values? Why are there so many resistances and wrong notions about sex education? Why are children let to discover these things all by themselves? It is the basic psychology that needs to be addressed, and only then we can see the generation evolving.

We treat our pet animals with so much love and respect, then why not human beings? Is society all about politics? If there is a rape, they blame the government. If there is a religious tiff, they blame the government. What is this Government? It’s us. We are the biggest democracy. When there are no Values and no Morals in the society, the Government will be a reflection of what we are. 

Like men in society are raping women,  Government is raping every us, politicians are raping each other, religions are degrading further. No values are being followed. 

“I am the greatest”, “I am the best”, “I am Powerful”... the ego fight will take the entire society down one day.

What is in question is an individual’s integrity. Nothing else. What happened today is not the fault of the Government, or the gang who raped, but it’s our fault, because we allowed such leeches to survive and that too on our own blood.

Now, let’s bear the brunt!


Or, instead of lighting candles and protesting, let’s do our bit. What that is, we need not be told. We all know. 

Because, and you -who’s reading this post, has a wife who goes to grocery store to get stuff for home, and if she were to be attacked by a gang, and raped, what would you do? 

And you, your sister, every night, while returning from her tuition  if she were to be raped, while you are busy at a pub checking out sexy women, what will you do? 

And you, your daughter, who may be at home, is raped in your very safe haven, while you stare at girls 20 years younger than you at the bus stop, what will you do?

Because every time, you think these things happen with SOMEONE ELSE in SOME other TOWN. 

In this scenario, that SOME ONE ELSE could be your darling wife, your sweet little sister, your daughter - your life, or your respected Mother! And your local newspaper will write a nice little report about your family, your TOWN.

She could be anyone, anywhere!

Gear it up! Before it's too late!