Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Story of an Engineer

I have a life, but people think I don't

They ask me to explain, but I really won't

My family thrives not simply, they enjoy

I earn for my beloved and two lovely boys

How does that happen, you may think?

I work so hard, my schedule stinks

I live my passion and work till nine

I am an Engineer, working just so fine

I make money I live my dreams

That explains all the desserts and ice creams

And also the matching curtains that change every year

And a posh, fully loaded - cruiser

I love my job, it defines me

I don't care what others see

I may look bugged, but I am at peace

Life's like a Burger with Mayonnaise and cheese

But one day'll come when I'll take the break

Sit back and ponder over my victories and mistakes

I'd have a peaceful heart for the efforts put

and retire from everything, if I should

With time calling me in its arms

I will have to fall for its charm

And that day I'd refuse to work till nine

I won't be dead, I 'd just be offline!