Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Facebook Fad

I admit, I am addicted to FB. I visit the page every 10 minutes not to see what people have said about my updates, but I just go there to see where the world and the people are heading. I have a nice laugh at times, and at times, I am simply convinced about the stupidity of people.

I do have things that go in my mind, and when  I open FB,  "What's on your mind?" tempts me to write it down there. Further more, if people like my status and comment back, I get updates on my mail and cell and I go back and see what they've said, and most of the times I have some totally un-understandable things like "supalyk". I feel stupid at times for behaving like other attention seekers who put a status for no good reason and more stupid for having someone write weird comments for my updates!

Ok, what's the deal with this "supalyk" ? Spell it well, honeybunches. I understand, sometimes, hitting the 'like' button isn't enough. You feel like expressing it more. And instead of using adjectives, you simply make it "super"lative. Therefore, the effort you put in saving your effort is pretty evident. I'd accept "Superlike" more affirmatively, but why do you go about misspelling it purposely? Supa lyk? Weren't you taught the right way to spell words?

Well, I know things are changing, but who is the person who is changing the way words are spelt? I guess no one! Sometimes I wish there indeed was a dislike button, where I could go on "Supadislyking" the dirty comments which has all misspelt words.

This texting culture sucks. "Chk out ma niu pair of glasses" :D LOL...seriously???

Now, this ROFL, LOL and LMAO are also so much fun. So much fun, that every thing is being shortened. For example - "ty". That too in small letters. I wonder, if you want to thank someone, be truly courteous and say a Thank You the way it should be said. And then people reply back saying "wc". It almost reads between the lines as "dare you come. I really don't mean the 'welcome'".

What's wrong with people? Sometimes, I feel like commenting my heart out on certain statuses. But I simply control my urge and end up just liking the comment. Or at times not liking anything at all.

The other day, I browsed through FB and saw these statuses :

"You may not love me, but I love you" 
My mind: Ok! you can text this message to the person concerned! or is it applicable to all of us?? So generous of you!

"Mere mann ye bata de tu... kis or chala hai tu?"
My mind: Facebook answers that??  or will your Mann answer it here? Or are you simply singing out too loud!

"Going home..yippee"
My mind: Ok :/

"Having Pizza"
My mind: Ok :/

"Enjoying with my parents"
My mind: Ok :/

"Had a long drive with my love"
My Mind: Ok :/

What is expected out of these updates? A replying saying "ooohh.. am jealous!" ??


"Look into my'll see ... what you mean to me"
My mind: wtf! he thinks he's bryan adams!

My Mind: wtf! he thinks...

"Comfortably numb"
My Mind: wtf!

"Backstreet Boys"
My Mind: w!


"Down with fever cough and cold"
My mind: do we have an online FB clinic? tell your doc about it.. duh!

"Sick of these people"
My Mind: ok :/

"Bad day work"
My Mind: ok :/

and I have the same response to all of 'em!

Everyone's either complaining or Facebook or sharing someone else's quote, or writing something so weird which makes no sense to anyone, not even to them!

And there are these crazy poster thing going on on FB these days - "Admit you've done this when you were a kid"
Well, I don't wanna admit anything! Is any online sin-confession thing going on here. I don't want to tell what I did as a kid, especially in public. Just share things if you wanna, but don't force it on me. If I agree and realise, "yeah, that makes sense", I would anyway admit it and put a comment saying that.

Then there are these posters about dealing with heart breaks which are put by people who are indeed undergoing one. Then the insecure individuals put up message posters like "The real beauty is the inner beauty, and the guy who doesn't appreciate that is a fool" etc etc. The more gyan you share on FB, the more evident your insecurity is! It's like, people are living their life in open. Everyone knows what's going on in the other person's life.

I know a lot of people, not because of who they really are, but what activity they do on FB. 

The conversations sadly begin with, "Hey, I saw on FB. You got engaged! eh? Congrats!"
I have no clue where the world is heading. It's a sad state. And worst part is, I am essentially a forerunner in all this stupidity.

It's a shame, when we have to peek into other's privacy, worst when others make their life a joke by sharing every itsy bitsy tale.
It's a shame to let the other person know your virtual laughter in the form of LOL and ROFL, where you actually give a damn and don't even really smile.
It's a shame that you like others' status so that you expect more hits on yours.
It's a shame when you plunge into the virtual world to seek sadistic pleasure when others talk about their pain.
It's a shame that people share their pain online!
It's a shame that FB is becoming an online - bitching centre and means of extending the grapevine.
It's a shame that people are sharing their lives with strangers instead of sharing it with their folks.
It really is a shame!

Social networking tools are greatly misused. I am one of those who does it. And Shame on me too.

It's high time, the craze is shifted to something more lucrative and interesting.