Thursday, October 04, 2012

Reading Spree

When your best friend is sitting in the other part of the globe, sipping Americano with hot Chinese girls, what do you do? You make new friends. Well, I've always had a backup-best-friend, in case the first one went, you know, astray :P

Ok, I am talking about books. I have read, like, 5-6 books in 2 months and I couldn't have felt any better! I started off with Palace of Illusions which is based on Draupadi's life, and it is her story told in first person. I loved the way Mahabharata was explained vis-a-vis her perspective. I think it a strongly feminist book with a deep insight into the actual war and relationship of Panchali with the Pandavas. At times you happen to sympathise with the narrator and feel how weird the customs and principles were back then. But everything happened for a reason, and we now know it as the great Epic of Mahabharata.

The next book was "Eat Pray Love". I wouldn't say, it was a great great writing or a fantastic book which inspired me, but I'd say it was one the books which I lived as I read it. I travelled to all the places the writer took me along with her and I was ecstatic about her experiences. I've always loved autobiographies, especially of people who are lesser known (to me). I'd like to go back and re-read this one very soon. At more levels than one, it is ME. I loved the book. A must read for wandering souls like me, who are in search of something - could be a purpose, a lover, a master, a hobby, a profession, or any darn thing. Lovely book!

Then I grabbed an ebook called Megaliving by Robin Sharma. I was averse to any self help books, because I always thought I was the most sane person ever. But sanity goes for a toss at times, and the universe so conspires that it hands you a book that helps you rediscover yourself. That's how Megaliving happened and I loved it immensely. It's one of those books which promises you a better life if you are willing to put in efforts. I did, and it turned out great for me! Please get a copy of this one. You may not need it now, but this is something which you may need any moment.

Inspired by Robin Sharma, I was in the flow of philosophy and pyschology, so I re-read this book by Anupam Kher called "The best thing about you is you". It is one of those books which tells you all that you need to know about yourself, your hidden potentials and the immense possibilities for self improvement. I had read it when I wasn't in a mood, but still did it because I'd started it. But this time when I read it, it made a lot of sense.

Then, I finally finished a long pending read "The good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ". This is a fiction. There is nothing deeply related to Christianity, but based more on the belief that has been passed on, the way the Father is worshipped. I wouldn't comment on this book, because of religious sentiments, but when read in the correct sense, it enriches you in a lot of ways.

Then came the sexiest read of all times- 50 Shades of Grey. I have never hated any plot so much and at the same time loved the writing as much as I did in this novel. The writing is candid, effortless, slow, painfully sensuous and erotic. But the plot is a little weird, because we, as Indians are not exposed to such a culture of expression. Nonetheless, anything related to weird psychological cases intrigue me. It's a trilogy, and I am not sure whether I want to pick up another book. But going forward, I'd definitely like to know the end to this tale.

While I am contemplating the idea of picking up the Part 2 of this Grey series, I am hooked on to "The Krishna Key" - by Ashwin Sanghi. This time, the writing is poor. But the plot is gripping. Anything that reveals secrets about mythology and history always excites me. So I think I will be done with this one pretty soon. A good 2 hours at the airport is enough to wrap up such a fast paced read. I'd suggest, all those who loved Chanakya Chant and Rozabal Line, should pick this one up too. Though it's not as clean as the former, it still is a good read!

It's very difficult for me to say bad things about any book. I anyway grasp something or the other from each book.

The last book that I started was "The Accidental Godman", but I couldn't finish it. It was a little draggy. I will continue with that after a roller coaster on The Krishna Key.

That's how my reading has been going on. A variety in genres and different levels of understanding.

What have y'all been upto? :)