Sunday, October 14, 2012

Letter to Evelyn

My Dearest,

Aunt is sorry for being so late
She was busy dealing with her fate
Things were dicey and boring too
So she couldn't write anything to you

But you turned 1 on a fine August day
I know it's pretty late to say
But still I'd wish you all the joy and fun
you'll see what a lovely thing it is to be ONE

And mommy told me how fast you grow
Every day one new thing you show
By catching up the words so quick
And displaying some naughty cute old tricks

I heard you've started walking
dancing, hopping and talking
You speak a lot, just words don't seem right
Don't worry girl, they'll soon be easy and bright

And then perhaps, you can talk to me
and we'll discuss little plans, you see
of going to a funfare and park
and those two friends of yours, you may ask

But do you eat well, or have some whims?
Do you trouble mommy and then give that grin?
You should eat really well, and become strong
and then when I go skiing, you can tag along

Thanks for the message the other day (aqwwwaw11!1)
I had no clue what you wanted to say
But still I thought I'd reply to you
So that you have no complaints that I didn't do.

I'll see you soon baby, sometime in Jan
I'll get you as many pretty dolls as I can
and then we'll play, and also go to the zoo
You should know darling, I so miss you!

Aunt Mini :)